Got questions? We have the answers.

How does Curu work?
Curu analyzes your credit spending, debit balances, income level, financial goals and other factors to notify you of the best actions you can take to raise your credit score.
So you’re like Credit Karma or Mint?
Absolutely not! Companies like Credit Karma will show your credit scores and credit factors while companies like Mint will help you budget efficiently. Curu is the only service that fills the gap of actually building your credit score.
Does Curu cost anything?
Nope! Curu is a free service.
How does Curu make money?
By getting you approved! We partner with financial institutions, lenders, and others so we can provide you with the best offers for financial products and provide clarity for life’s financial decisions. We may receive payment if you apply for and receive one of our partners' products.
What if I don’t have a credit card?
No credit? No problem! You can sign up for your first credit card with Curu. Once you get accepted and create an account with your bank provider, you can link it to your Curu account and get recommended actions immediately!
Will Curu teach me about credit?
Absolutely! Our main goal is to show you how to properly build credit. Every notification comes with a description to help you understand why doing or not doing the action will help your credit score. Also, earn Curu Coins for answering Credit Quizzes.
Does Curu show me my credit score?
Not yet. Initially Curu will not show you a credit score but will direct you to our partners to view it on there. We are working to get a credit score on our service for free for our users!
Does Curu give me a Curu credit card?
Nope! We want to help you understand and manage your credit with your own accounts without requiring you to sign up for any additional products. If signing up for a new credit card will help improve your credit score, Curu will recommend the best cards for you!
Does Curu secure my information?
Without a doubt! Our main goal is to make sure each user is as secure as possible. We work with a high level of encryption (256-bits) with out data communication. On top of that, none of your financial data is stored on your phone or by Curu. We are also PCI DSS compliant in order to process payments directly through the application.
Will Curu help me get out of debt?
Yes. Curu is focused on increasing your credit score, but will factor your current debt and find the best way to increase your score while creating a plan to get you out of any financial hiccups.
What happens if my credit card is lost or has some fraudulent activity?
Curu monitors all of your transactions and will notify you if there is any suspicious activity. You can flag purchases that were not made by you or under your permission, and Curu will show you the exact steps on how to handle fraudulent activity.
Where can I find out more information on Curu?
Reach out to us on our Contact Us page! If you have any specific/immediate questions, message or tweet at us @curucredit.